What Is The Best V Plow To Buy? (Answered)

Winter is almost here and, with it, comes the unenviable chore of clearing snow from various ground surfaces. Snowplows are arguably the most effective tools for this task and, today, we pay special attention to V-plows. What should you look for and which one is the best overall v-plow?

The best snowplow when comparing straight blades and v-plows is hands down in most scenarios the v-plow. The best v-plow to get for your truck is undoubtedly the Boss HTX-V PLOW. This versatile snowplow fits on a 3/4 ton truck with ease and costs between $5400 and $6000.

More specifically, we look at whether V-plows are worth the investment. We will start by discussing their basic properties before comparing them to straight blade snowplows. Finally, we will examine what we believe to be the best V-plow you can get for a ¾ ton truck. Let’s get right to it.

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Are V Plows Worth It?

V-shaped snowplows, commonly referred to as “V-plows”, are a popular tool in areas that receive lots of heavy snow, especially for commercial contractors. But what are they all about and are they worth the money?

V plows are worth the money over not having a plow and over straight plows in most every case. They are versatile enough to use as a commercial snow plowing tool and easy enough to use for the average land owner to handle. The price may be more cost effective for professionals than individuals.

Unlike their straight blade counterparts, which use a single moldboard, V-plows incorporate two moldboards (or wings) that are joined together by pivot points at a “V” angle…hence V-plow. Each wing can be controlled separately and allows for more precise plowing in varied terrains.

The “V” configuration allows for multiple approach angles when tackling snow in different conditions and terrains. A lot of modern V-plows also allow operators to adjust each wing independently, adding to the already high level of versatility. In fact, many experts often joke that the “V” stands for “versatile”.

The V Plow’s Biggest Appeal

The adjustability of the wings is perhaps the biggest appeal to professional contractors, who have to remove snow for many different clients with wildly varying needs. A typical contractor may encounter different scenarios.

Light snow, heavy snow, dry snow, wet snow, paved surfaces, gravel surfaces, flat surfaces, inclines, and obstacles are just some of the things to contend with regularly. As such, the tools of choice must be highly adaptable.

V-plows are considered to be an upgrade on traditional straight blade plows rather than a direct competitor. This is because a V-plow can do anything an equally-sized straight blade can and more.

When adjusted to a straight setting, a V-plow can move snow forwards or backward (aka back dragging) in a similar fashion to straight plow blades. This setting can be used for simple snow removal jobs.

The V-setting, on the other hand, is useful for breaking through hard compact snow and ice, creating new rows for plowing. Heavy snowfall is likely to compact in this way.

V-plows also have a “scoop” setting. This configuration pushes snow up and over the sides of the plow to prevent shifted snow from collecting elsewhere. The scoop setting is the recommended choice for heavy snow. You can also use the scoop setting to clear up snow trails (or windrows) left behind by a straight blade.

All this talk of “settings” might be daunting for some people new to snowplows in general. However, manufacturers are making use of user-friendly controls and mechanisms that make the process of clearing snow easy to learn. You will have to browse around to find the right control system for you.

V Plow Costs

One of the biggest factors in determining if anything is worth it, is the price. When it comes to plows, v-plows are considered upgrades, so you can expect to pay more than an economy straight blade plow. But, how much do v-plows actually cost?

As for cost, you will be unsurprised to learn that V-plows are more expensive than straight blades. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay around $6,000 for a V-plow made for ¾ trucks. Take your time and explore as many dealerships as you can to find the best deal.

Before making a purchase, you need to make certain considerations.

The main consideration is the intended purpose of the plow.

  • Where will it be used?
  • How will it be used?
  • Private use?
  • Commercial use?

You will need to know the kinds of snowfall to expect, as well as the local terrain and obstacles. This is easier if you just want to plow your own property.

As we’ve already said, commercial contractors will need to plan ahead. You must try to find a plow that is as versatile as possible. V-plows definitely fit this bill.

If all of this is seeming to be more than you need as a home owner, I have a solution you should look into. One of the more fun lawn care machines (besides a backpack leaf blower which is my personal favorite) is a snow thrower. I recommend this popular one from Amazon: Snow Joe Electric Snow Thrower

These are a lot of fun to use and can tackle those smaller jobs and get to places a snowplow attached to a pickup never could.

V Plow Warranties

If you are going to pay a high price for such equipment, you’ll sleep easier if you have a good warranty. Warranties for commercial V-plows can range from 2-5 years. Here is a rundown of some of the major manufacturers and their stated warranty policies.

Boss2 years from the date of purchase1 year from the date of purchase
Western 2 years after the date of original purchase1 year after original purchase
Meyer2 years (plus 1 extra year with online registration) 1 year after the date purchase
Fisher 2 years from the date of original purchase 1 year from original purchase

We’ve also discussed user-friendliness. Naturally, you want a plow you can actually use (or learn to use). Your (or the intended operator’s) experience is also a factor to think about.

Dealer support is also a key consideration. Service and maintenance are essential parts of owning a snowplow. You want to get a plow that is easy (and cheap) to repair. You also want to avoid plows with hard-to-source spares.

You also want to think about the materials the plow is made from. V-plows can be constructed from polyurethane, mild steel, or stainless steel. Each material has inherent advantages and drawbacks, so consult your dealer before making a choice.

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V-plow vs straight blade

Now, it’s time for a direct comparison between V and straight plows. As Bruce Buffer likes to say, “Let’s get it on!”, or his brother Michael Buffer likes to announce, “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

V-plows are the much more versatile option between it and the straight blade snowplow. Simply put, it can do all that a straight blade plow can do, plus a lot more. Its two blades can be maneuvered independently offering more precision and control in most situations.

The V-setting, for instance, allows the plow to pierce through dense snow and create a windrow. In comparison, a straight plow will require an angled approach, which isn’t always possible. 

A V-plow’s scoop setting also pushes snow without leaving extensive trails or snowbanks. This means you will make fewer passes as you plow, which will spare the equipment and save fuel.

Straight plows, on the other hand, tend to be more affordable than V-plows. They are easier and cheaper to produce, which reflects in the final retail price.

Straight plows are also easier to use. If you are a beginner, you might want to opt for a straight plow as you learn the ropes.

Interestingly, straight plows may have longer lifespans than their V-shaped rivals. Fewer moving parts mean a greater likelihood of something breaking.

All in all, V-plows are a better choice for professional contractors who require greater versatility. For private use and a tight budget, we recommend a straight blade.

The Verdict:

  1. The V Plow – mostly for commercial crews due to cost and steeper learning curve.
  2. The Straight Blade Plow – mostly for residential users due to lower cost

Best V-plow for a ¾ ton truck

With many manufacturers offering a wide range of excellent snowplows, picking just one is a bit of a challenge.

However, just like our chosen V-plow, we never turn down a challenge. Without further ado, the best v-plow for your 3/4 truck is…

The Boss HTX V Plow

Introducing the Boss HTX V-Plow, a certified king of snow removal and arguably the best snowplow ever made for a ¾ ton truck. The engineers at Boss have thought of every single possibility to produce the HTX, which boasts unrivaled versatility.

Weighing in at 490 pounds, the plow is made from 14-gauge steel and measures 32 inches in height. The full blade width is 90 inches, the scoop width is 74 inches, and the “V” width is 81 inches. The moldboards feature diagonal cross-bracing for enhanced rigidity. This plow is definitely no pushover.

Thanks to Boss’ SmartHitch technology, installation is as easy as 123. The three-step process makes engaging and disengaging the plow a breeze.

You also get Boss’ patented SmartTouch 2 control system. Designed to be ergonomic and user-friendly in all conditions, this system is jam-packed with cool features. The backlit buttons are a particular highlight. The control system can be mounted on a pedestal or your vehicle’s dashboard. 

There is no need to worry about the HTX jamming up in extreme conditions. You have an enclosed hydraulic system that ensures maximum reliability when you need it. The hydraulic system is also resistant to corrosion.

Speaking of corrosion resistance, the HTX is protected by Boss’ SmartShield paint system. Highly glossy, highly resistant, high quality.

One of our favorite features, however, is the SL3 LED headlight system. These lights are so good, Boss decided to install them on every plow it makes, and for good reason. The SL3s guarantee excellent visibility and high levels of efficiency (less power consumed than equivalent halogen systems) to ensure consistent plowing in the dead of night.

The HTX’s other features include 2 trip springs for unrivaled obstacle management, as well as a nifty snow catcher in the center section to prevent annoying snow lines.

The Boss HTX V-plow will cost you about US$6,000, although Boss and its affiliated dealers have various financing options and discounts. You can get the plow for as little as $5,400 from some dealers.

Boss offers a 2-year limited warranty against material defects.

The Final Touches On The Best V Plow…

There you have it. The v-plow is superior in most aspects to the straight blade snowplow. Yet, there are still some instances where a straight blade may make more sense. For residential owners and beginners, the affordability of the straight blade and its shallower learning curve could be appealing.

As for the best v-plow to buy, it is in my opinion as well as other experts I have interviewed the Boss HTX-V PLOW. You can’t go wrong with this choice and it is worth every penny.

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