About Us

Jerry McMillan has owned McMillan Lawn Service for over 45 years in Knoxville TN. He started the business to support his family after getting laid off from a factory job in the 1970s. It grew to regularly support several crews working at the same time.

He was never interested in growing larger than that due to quality standards that would have to be compromised.

Mathew married Jackie (Jerry’s ‘favorite’ only daughter as he likes to add) in the mid 1990s and for ten years helped Jerry with his business while Jackie finished her master’s degree and had two of four children. He helped with marketing, running crews, and whatever else the ‘boss’ had for him.

Jerry is a Great-Grandpa to many and Mathew is a Grandpa to a few. Together they have tons of experience in life and in lawn care. The experience they have together can help many in the landscaping business and even more with their own yards.

Now they are joining forces to answer lawn care, gardening, and landscaping questions that cover a multitude of topics on this site (LawnCareGrandpa.com).