SnowDogg Plow Reviews – UTV, Expandable And Straight Blade

Snowplows are an essential part of managing the excess volumes of snow and ice during harsh winters. Prospective snow removers are spoilt for choice by the market these days, with several manufacturers offering top-notch plows for a wide range of vehicle classes.

SnowDogg plows from Buyers Products compete well with other big name manufacturers in the industry like Western, Fisher, and Boss. The hydraulic pumps, jacks, and rugged construction are all upgraded and usable on much bigger plows. The stainless steel construction never needs paint.

One of the biggest names in the game is SnowDogg, and today we will be taking a look at some of the best plows available from the popular American brand. We will choose plows based on their relevant vehicle classes, technological edge (pun intended), as well as reliability and durability. Let’s get started.


Review Of The Best SnowDogg Snowplows

Buyers Products release several high-quality plows under the banner of SnowDogg. Most of the plows we will discuss here are available on the Buyers Products website.

I am not an pushing any of these products for commissions or discounts. I simply am reviewing these to try to make as helpful as possible. Hopefully this will help you make your decision if you are considering one of these fine products.

SnowDogg VUT65 UTV V-Plow

As Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) become more and more popular, many manufacturers have picked up on the viability of entering the UTV attachment space.

SnowDogg is one of these brands, and they have come up with a particularly impressive V-plow for your UTV, the VUT65. 

Like all other SnowDogg plows, this bad boy is made from 304 stainless steel and it is specifically engineered to take advantage of a UTV’s nimbleness and maneuverability.

The VUT65 is 6 ½ feet at its widest, making it perfect for tackling walkways, sidewalks, and several other narrow spaces. The steel moldboard is virtually impervious to all forms of corrosion. 

The well-crafted trip edge is also made of steel and it allows for consistent movement of snow every time. The plow’s attack angle is an aggressive 70 degrees. You also get 1½ inch angle cylinders which, combined with the heavy-duty lift cylinder and chain, allows you to stack up large volumes of snow in one go.

Configuration is quick and easy thanks to SnowDogg’s patented Dual Foot Pedal Quick Mount system. Installation and removal is a one-person task, which is awesome for sole operators.

Speaking of operation, you have full range of control thanks to the standard digital in-cab controller as well as the blade guides. The controller is highly responsive and can be operated easily while wearing gloves.

The VUT65 plow features a 2 horsepower DC-powered hydraulic pump. SAE cartridge valves come as standard, as do 3/8-inch rubber hoses. Backdragging snow will be a breeze due to the angle cylinders’ rigidity.

In typical V-plow fashion, the VUT65 can be configured to operate in straight, “V”, or scoop modes. The lift cylinder and chain facilitate 35 degrees of travel for added momentum when dealing with heavy snow.

The VUT65 is protected from obstacles by actuated 6-inch trip edges that allow the plow to bounce off safely in case of collision.

The VUT65 is a fairly pricey piece of equipment and you can get your hands on one for a little under $4,000. The price may be a bit much for some, especially when you consider that you only get a two-year warranty.

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SnowDogg XP Expandable Snowplow

If you’re a commercial snow remover, you will probably have to move snow in a wide variety of environments. As a result, your chosen plow must be equally versatile and adaptable.

The XP Expandable plow is just what the doctor ordered, and you’re about to find out why.

The plow is 8 feet wide when retracted. However, with a simple button-push, you can expand the plow to 10 feet, which allows you to move more snow and get the job done quicker.

The moldboard is made from top-notch 304 steel and features a full trip edge. Like the aforementioned VUT65, you get a 70-degree attack angle that effortlessly drives snow up towards the snow deflector.

The XP incorporates some of SnowDogg’s best work as far as hydraulics are concerned. The lifting system is very powerful and very responsive to any input made on the digital controller.

The hydraulics are also key to the XP’s signature feature…the expanding wings. When the operator pushes a button on the controller, the wings come out from the main moldboard to widen your plowing lanes. Additionally, the XP has a scoop mode which makes the angle cylinders tilt the wings at 20 degrees.

The plow’s versatility also extends to the type of vehicles it can be attached to. You can fit the XP to a ¾ ton truck just as easily as you can to a municipal truck. Installation is pretty easy thanks to the quick-mount and dismount system.

Other features include ¼ inch laser-cut steel ribs, a 2-inch heavy-duty cross tube, as well as dual-beam halogen plow lights for low light conditions.

This awesome plow is available for around US$7,500 from various dealers. Expect a two-year warranty.

SnowDogg CM Commercial Straight Blade Snowplow

Next up, we have a no-nonsense entry that is made to get in, get the job done, and get out as quickly as possible.

The CM Commercial Straight Blade plow is proof that sometimes simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

This plow is a classic 10-footer, which features all of the refinement and engineering we’ve come to expect from the SnowDogg brand.

With 10 feet to work with, the 304 steel moldboard is built to clear vast swathes of snow at a time. It features a full-trip design with an edge that is about 5/8 of an inch wide. Again, we have a 70-degree angle of attack for aggressive snow stacking. Like the XP plow mentioned above, this plow has quarter-inch laser-cut ribs and a two-inch cross tube.

As you would expect, the hydraulic system on the CM is very powerful and it features a lift and angle cylinders that you can depend on day in day out regardless of the conditions. The plow also features a contoured lift frame which gives it even greater ground clearance.

A simple digital controller is at the heart of operations, and you get your standard functions (lift, lower, angle left, angle right).

The plow also features 6 trip springs to minimize obstacle damage. You also don’t need to worry about the dark thanks to the dual-beam halogen lights (waterproof, naturally).

The CM is available for just over $7,000 and comes with a two-year warranty as standard. It is the perfect choice for large-scale commercial snow removal and municipal work alike.

The Final Touches On Snowdogg Plow Reviews…

No matter you environment, if there is snow involved these ruggedly built plows will help you clear it. Everything from the construction to the controls are made with the user in mind. From one man attachments systems to movement at the touch of a button, these workhorses of the snowplow industry will help with most any job.

The size of the vehicle will determine the type of plow, but Buyer’s Products has you covered with their Snowdogg plow models.

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