Is There A DeWalt Snow Blower? (Answered)

The winter season has come yet again. It’s that time of the year when you have to pick up your snow blower. Therefore, it’s time to hit the store and buy that snow blower. A popular tools brand is DeWalt, and most people flock to it. However, is there a DeWalt snow blower?

DeWalt does not manufacture snow blowers in cordless or corded form. There are no official plans to begin producing them in the near future though DeWalt does make powerful leaf blowers that can work for snow removal in some circumstances: off cars, patios, porches etc.

Whether DeWalt has a snow blower or not, you still need to get rid of snow in your driveway, front porch, or on your car. Did you know that snow blowers aren’t the only tools you can use to blow snow away? Read on to find out more.


Does DeWalt Have a Snow Blower (Electric Or Cordless)?

DeWalt is known for their electric powered equipment. Could they have a corded or battery powered version of a snow blower in the works? Doese DeWalt plan to have a snow blower?

DeWalt does not produce snow blowers, which is surprising because they produce so many other equipments. No one knows why the company hasn’t produced a snow blower or if it even plans on doing so in the future. Many fans of the brand have pleaded with the company, but there hasn’t been a response.

On the bright side, DeWalt has so many products that you might not even feel the absence of a snow blower. The company produces leaf blowers that are powerful enough to act as snow blowers.

DeWalt Snow Removal Options

DeWalt might not have a snow blower; however, with the Dewalt 20V Max XR Blower, you wouldn’t even notice if applied to the right job.

The DeWalt 20V Max XR blower (Amazon link) is a powerful, cordless, gas-free, lithium-ion powered equipment that blows snow just as well as it blows leaves. Let me give you a breakdown of this powerful device.

First Look

This blower looks sturdy and durable. It comes with three different speed levels to control the power, so you can adjust it based on the level of snow you’re dealing with. 

The Dewalt 20V blower weighs about 2.5 lbs. However, it weighs 3.5lbs. when you include the lithium-ion battery, 

Setting up the DeWalt 20V Max Blower is as easy as it comes. All you have to do is charge the battery and insert the blower tube onto the motor housing. DeWalt did not skimp on any details while making this model. 

There are several incredible features that you will find useful either on leaves or snow. Their first smart choice is the battery installation point; they installed it directly underneath the motor housing.


The battery is well balanced and helps to keep the blower balanced. It has plastic framing to help it stand off the floor. It is so well protected that the battery won’t be affected no matter what angle the blower falls.


The blower also has cruise control on the handle. All you have to do is push the lever forward, and the power increase until it reaches the level you want. You can easily push the lever with your thumb. However, you need two hands to release the lever.


The blower is perfect for airflow in both the tube and intake. DeWalt positioned the intake on the back and not the side with this model. Also, they decided to use the wide-open straight tube. This combination provides maximum efficiency by reducing air friction, increasing air volume performance.


This is probably the most important aspect of this blower. It needs to be powerful because you need that power for its intended use. This 20V Max Blower is perfect for blowing debris (and snow)

There is a lot to like about the DeWalt 20V Max Blower. Like most cordless blowers, it won’t give you an exceptional runtime. However, with the amount of time it stays running, you should be able to get the job done. 

Clearing about 500 square feet of snow should not even take one bar from the 3-bar LED battery indicator. You could feel less comfortable with the rubber over-molding, but you will be wearing gloves anyway, so it’s not going to matter.

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What is DeWalt About?

DeWalt is a fantastic tool company started back in 1923 by Raymond E. DeWalt. It was quite small at first but grew to something more, largely because of the radial arm saw the company’s owner invented.

The radial arm saw became one of DeWalt’s flagship products and helped the brand rise to the point where it got incorporated as DeWalt in 1947.

The brand was bought by American Machine & Foundry Co. in 1949. However, it didn’t own it for long because, in 1960, Black & Decker bought the brand from them. In later years, Black & Decker merged with Stanley and took on the name “Stanley Black & Decker. 

The company still owns the DeWalt brand till today. They have about 13,000 employees and make over $4 billion yearly.

DeWalt, as a brand, focuses on creating the best power tools on the market. The company does make some of the best power tools and makes a lot of them; there are thousands of DeWalt products out there. 

DeWalt produces corded and cordless power tools, outdoor lawns, garden equipment, and mechanic’s tools. Unfortunately, a snow blower is not one of them.

Other Ways To Deal With Snow Without A DeWalt Snow Blower

If you don’t want to use a snow blower or a DeWalt 20V Max Blower, you can use other methods to get rid of snow in your yard.

Treat the Snow With a De-Icer

You can use de-icers to keep the snow at bay. This is a preventive measure that you do regularly to help reduce snow accumulation. 

The purpose of these de-icing products is to get rid of ice buildup and make it easier for you to go through the winter season without having to shovel your driveway or use a snow blower. However, this method only works in areas with about 8″ or less snow per day.

Also, you can mix sand with your de-icer before you use it on your driveway or sidewalk to increase the effects of the product.

Using Hot Water

This is probably a method everyone can use. All you have to do is connect a sprayer hose to an indoor hot water faucet. 

Afterward, you spray the hot water on the snow, and it will melt it, allowing you to manage the snow level without using a snow blower. Like using the de-icer, you can add sand to the ice to increase the traction.

Alternatively, you can fill a watering can with hot water from the tap, a tablespoon of dish soap, and half a cup of rubbing alcohol. After moving these ingredients together, spray it on the ice, then watch it melt the snow and break down the ice buildup.

The Final Touches On A DeWalt Snow Blower…

Though there may not be a DeWalt brand snow blower, for smaller jobs their high powered leaf blowers can do the trick. Yet, for those long walkways, driveways, or parking spots you will have to look to brands that do offer them like Amazon’s best seller – Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

As a long time owner of DeWalt products, their quality, price, and selection are at the top of the list when comparing brands. Sadly, a true snow blower is not in their lineup, and may not be any time soon.

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