Is It Safe To Store A Lawn Mower In The Garage?

Your lawnmower is an excellent tool for keeping your yard spick and span all year round. However, for the machine to take care of you, you need to take care of it. This includes service, repairs, and cleaning. Does this include storage in the garage?

It is perfectly normal and safe to store a mower in a garage that is already designed for an automobile. Some precautions should be taken when selecting how and where in the garage to store it, but barring unsafe practices there is nothing that should prevent it.

Today, we focus on an overlooked aspect of lawnmower care…storage. Most people prefer to keep their machines in the garage, a shed, or even outside…but is that a good idea? What are some of the storage solutions available to lawnmower owners?


Can You Store A Lawn Mower In The Garage?

As we’ve already established, many people simply keep their mowers in the garage or a garden shed along with other garden and household tools.

It is not only convenient to simply store a lawn mower in a garage, it is also safe as long as the mower is stored in such a way that it is not a tripping or falling hazard. Care will also be needed if mowers are placed close to automobiles to prevent damage to each upon entering and exiting.

There are several reasons that many choose this option or reject it. Some select the garage over investing in a dedicated storage shed or building somewhere else on the property. Others have no problem placing any tool in a garage. Let’s see why each may choose what they do.

Positives Of Using A Garage To Store A Mower

Here we will see what some of the reasons are for storing a mower in a garage.

Convenience Of Garages For Mower Storage

One of the primary reasons for this is simple convenience. The garage is usually right next to the house as well as your lawn. It’s easy to just wheel the mower out of the garage when your grass needs tending, and it’s just as easy to wheel it back in once you’re done. 

Garages Usually Have Available Space

Availability of space in the garage is another reason closely tied to convenience. While most suburban homes in the U.S. and Canada have garages, a lot of people park their cars out front or on the driveway, leaving the garage vacant. In most households, the garage quickly turns into an auxiliary storage space, even in the presence of a tool shed.

Garages Protect Mowers and Cars From Harsh Weather

Another primary reason is to keep the mower away from the elements. Rain and snow, especially, can cause parts to corrode over time, not to mention damage to electronic components. In addition, leaving the mower out in the cold can cause vital fluids to freeze, which can lead to even more damage or total engine failure.

It’s not just precipitation you have to worry about either. The sun is another reason to keep your mower indoors and in the shade. Long-term exposure to direct sunlight can chip the paint off a lawnmower.

Plastic components, such as the hoods on most garden tractors, are especially vulnerable to this. Understandably, most people want their (often considerably expensive) lawnmower looking good as new for as long as possible.

The Security Of A Garage Makes It Good For Mower Storage

Another major reason people may store mowers in the garage is security. As we’ve already mentioned above, lawnmowers are not cheap. High-end self-propelled mowers, lawn tractors, and zero-turns can be ludicrously expensive. Having yours stolen is certainly not on the agenda.

Family Safety Makes A Garage A Good Place To Store A Mower

Lawnmower owners with kids may also store their power tools in a garage for safety reasons. The garage is usually locked or designated as a strict “no-go” zone for children. According to an NIH study, there were nearly a million lawnmower-related injuries recorded between 2005 and 2015! Such numbers are a true horror story for any parent.

Negatives Of Using Garages To Store Lawn Mowers

While the above justifications are understandable, we must also ponder the downside of keeping the mower in the garage.

Lawn Mowers Can Be Tripping Or Falling Hazards

Firstly, lawnmowers can be a tripping hazard if you ever have to navigate in the dark. This is especially true for foldaway walk-behind mowers. Reel mowers are particularly dangerous because their blades are always exposed. Don’t forget that most mowers have wheels, so inadvertently stepping on one can lead to a nasty fall or worse.

Storing Mowers With Fuel Can Be Dangerous

Next, we must also think about fuel-related hazards. These apply to combustion mowers, which are no strangers to sudden fuel leaks. It doesn’t take a Harvard professor to know that combustible liquids leaking a few feet from your living area is bad news. Any nearby spark could spell the end of your mower or your entire house!

While fires are admittedly rare, there is another fuel-related risk that is much more common…exposure to fumes. 

Fumes can emanate from a leak or holes in the mower’s fuel tank and their risks are amplified in enclosed spaces. Breathing in fumes can cause problems like sinus and throat irritation. Longer exposure can lead to dizziness and nausea, as well as breathing difficulties. The risks to children and pets may be even greater.

Dusty Or Leaking Garages Can Give A False Sense Of Security

Dust is another silent problem, especially if you store your mower in the garage for long periods. Dust can make its way through the mower’s cooling fins/vents and onto the air filter. Over time, the filter may get blocked up and hinder the smooth running of your mower. This will require you to clean or change the air filter.

You would think that storing your mower in the garage would protect it from the elements, and you would be correct. However, if your garage has a leaky ceiling, the machine could still be exposed. 

All in all, the garage is still a good place to store your mower provided you are aware of the risks and have taken extra measures to counter them.

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Where Should You Store Your Lawn Mower If Not In A Garage?

In addition to garages, there are many ideal places for storing a lawnmower, although some places may require more risk mitigation than others.

Sheds Can Be Good Garage Alternatives

Sheds are a good place to store lawnmowers and tractors too. Open air sheds, in particular, are great for shielding the mower from the sun and allowing any toxic fumes to escape. However, they are not a great long-term storage option because they won’t protect the mower from the cold or theft. 

Closed sheds have the added advantage of being able to shield the mower from a would-be burglar’s view. However, security depends on the shed’s build quality.

Short Term Outside Storage Is An Option

You can also keep the mower outside from time to time. If you live in a low-crime or gated neighborhood, and there is little risk of rain or cold, there is nothing wrong with keeping the mower in your backyard. However, you should avoid making this a habit.

If this is an option that you would like to or must choose for a time, then a mower cover like these from Amazon can help protect your equipment. Here is one for a riding mower and here is one for a push or self propelled mower.

If you are storing the mower for an extended period, such as in the winter or a long vacation, the garage might be the best place. This way, the mower will be safe, shielded from the elements, and out of any naughty kid’s reach. 

Storage Facilities Can Be An Option For Lawn Mowers

In some cases, you might have to move to a new house. In such a scenario, the garage would not be a viable option. You can make use of a storage unit facility near you.

These companies usually have storage units of various sizes and some even have units that cater to power tools. Storage unit facilities are renowned for their tight security and accountability to clients.

How Can You Store A Lawn Mower Properly?

A push mower requires a 5-foot by 10-foot space, while a riding mower needs a 10×10 space.

While the above options are great storage solutions, how the mower is stored is almost as important as where it is stored, especially in the long term. 

I recommend that you prepare your mower for any long-term storage. This is done by:

  • Draining all fuel from the fuel tank and carburetor to minimize corrosion.
  • Disconnecting the battery to preserve charge.
  • Changing the oil.
  • Cleaning the mower of all grass clippings, mud, and debris. The mower must be completely dry too.

It is also important to keep the mower off the ground in case of flooding while you are away. This is mostly relevant to walk-behinds, which can be placed on a platform or hung from the wall.

The Final Touches On Storing A Lawn Mower In The Garage…

It is fine to store a lawn mower in a garage and most do for that matter. It is an extra expense to get a dedicated shed and with most of them not having the option of climate control, it extreme temperatures can be a problem in certain climates and times of the year.

Though some may even store their equipment outside, a garage offers benefits to covers and carports. If you have the room and the mower won’t damage something or you while maneuvering around it, it can be an excellent option for short and long term storage.

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